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Wisconsin Badgers


We at Fatpour love college football. Join fellow Chicagoland Badgers at Fatpour any to watch Wisconsin sports. We will be cheering On, Wisconsin all year long!  For those living or visiting Chicago and unable to get the game or for those of us who just want to watch with big groups of vocal fans, Fatpour is the place to be. We have here drink specials or raffles, and of course, excellent food. Once you watch a Wisconsin Badger game at Fatpour, you will understand why we are listed on the official Wisconsin Alumni Association website.

Anyone who has been to a sports bar knows that it is the crowd that makes a good sports bar a great sports bar. We have die hard, faithful Badgers fans coming to Fatpour strong, every week for the Badgers’ games. Our numerous large screen TVs ensure that no matter where you are sitting you can see the screen. While a lot of other bars have music on so you can not hear the game, we make sure that we show the games sound and all so that you never miss a moment of the Badgers’ defense. While the game is playing we have raffles after every quarter. Once you are in the bar you will be eligible to win some great prizes. Fatpour really does have that Madison, Wisconsin atmosphere. Look around and you will see Bucky Badger interacting with the crowd. Every week we announce the fan of the week who becomes sort of a game day celebrity. Rest assure that while the games go to commercial you will be entertained by our DJ who plays music videos in between plays.

Of course watching the games would not be complete without taking advantage of our game day specials, from drinks to food specials we have lots of options for you to choose from while watching the Badgers. For all you Wisconsin fans, you can also catch the packers games here as well.